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A passionate team of tech and business experts with a single mission: to simplify document processing in international trade.

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A story of frustration

While working in the raw materials trading industry, Arnaud, the founder of Nabu, experienced the magnitude of the document challenge in international commerce.

With every transaction, the tasks involved in retrieving, verifying, sending, and processing documents related to the transportation of goods were just as time-consuming as they were tedious.

About SaaS

A century-old problem

For centuries, the traditional way of sharing information about goods and transactions has been by physically passing documents from one party to another.

While converting paper documents to PDFs is a step in the right direction, it does not solve the problem of manual tasks performed with the information they contain. These documents are still not easily usable with modern tools, and the most widely used technology in international trade is still Excel.

A mission that is deeply meaningful to us

Out of this personal frustration, Nabu was born with an idea in mind: to challenge the status quo and take care of the paperwork of international trade so that no one has to do it anymore.

A promise: to make a beautiful and simple tool in a sector used to the complex and outdated.

Our values

Our platform embodies the strong values that we stand for.


We play as a team. Together, we have fun, win, and learn.


We take ownership of our projects. Everyone takes the lead as much as possible.


We always go above and beyond. Everyone does the extra mile and doesn't give up.

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