No more manual data entry for your customs clearances.

Nabu simplifies your customs formalities by automating the processing of shipping documents.

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Boost your efficiency by minimizing data entry and save up to 90% of time per customs declaration.


Lower production costs by accelerating manual tasks and decreasing expenses for your company and customers.


Optimize the time spent per file and maximize your production capacity without increasing the size of the team.

Nabu frees you from paperwork

Automatic and capture of useful information
Consistency check and transformation into structured and usable data
Communicates with your customs software and pre-fills your declarations
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Nabu ecosystem

The platform connected to your tools

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Interfaces with the software you already use (customs software, TMS, ERP, WMS...)
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Shares and distributes data from documents directly into your tools
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Reduces manual actions, data entry and low value-added tasks
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AEO compatible

Our solution is validated by the customs autorities to process customs data, including for Authorized Economic Operators.


Carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon impact by reducing the use of paper and printing.


Customer satisfaction

Keep your customers happy by offering them a more modern, connected and fast service.

Shield check

Data reliability

Automate data transfer to your tools to ensure reliability.

Advanced technology and scalable solution

Artificial intelligence algorithms that are unique on the market, the result of 4 years of R&D.

No-code platform that doesn't require any computer knowledge
Algorithms that can be trained on new documents very easily and in record time
Our solution learns from your actions and continuously improves itself.
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Structuring table

Table structuring

International trade documents contain a lot of information. Product tables are poorly structured and often have multiple data in their cells, making them unusable for software.

Nabu understands the content of the tables and reorganizes them to make them structured, readable and usable.

A design you will love

To break away from the complex softwares in the industry, we have designed a simple and intuitive platform in direct collaboration with customs declarants.

The interface and its tools are very easy to learn and use. You will quickly integrate it into your activities to improve daily work!

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