Your customs copilot

Nabu enhances the capabilities of declarants by speeding up the preparation of your declarations and communication with your systems and clients.

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Nabu platform
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Minimize paperwork, maximize customs efficiency

Nabu customs

By eliminating administrative tasks, Nabu allows you to spend your time on :

Your expertise in customs matters
Advising your customers
Your engagement with customs authorities

Up to 90% faster declarations

Nabu automates the preparation of customs declarations using your customers' documents and information, and connects them to your tools.
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Shares and distributes data from documents directly into your tools
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Reduces manual actions, data entry and low value-added tasks
Nabu customs
Nabu collaboration

Facilitate collaboration

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Simplify communication.
Nabu saves you the hassle of emailing back and forth.
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Centralize information.
You and your customers are always in sync.
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Share your progress.
Provide a transparent view of your files' progress.

Connected to your favorite tools

Customs 4.0

Winner of the national AAP Logistique 4.0, Nabu is recognized as a major player in the digital transformation of logistics in France.

As part of the France 2030 program, our project strengthens the competitiveness and resilience of the customs and international trade sector.

Archive and secure your documents and exchanges

Security is at the heart of our concerns.

Your tax return files are automatically archived in the cloud to ensure their availability and integrity in the event of an audit.

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AEO compatible

Our solution is validated by the customs autorities to process customs data, including for Authorized Economic Operators.

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